Cybersecurity training for your employees can be fun and engaging

India Inc. is spending more and more on cybersecurity each year.

However, despite increasing cybersecurity budgets, organizations still lack confidence when it comes to addressing critical aspects related to information security breaches or cyber threats or virus attacks.

Economic Times conducted a survey called “Path to Cyber Resilience: Sense, Resist, React”, which received responses from 1,735 global C-suite executives, including 124 CXOs from India.

The ET Survey results indicated the following:

− 69% of Indian respondents reported an increase in their cybersecurity budgets over the last 12 months

Nearly 75% of the respondents expect budgets to increase further over the next year.

75% of the Indian respondents say that their cybersecurity function does not fully meet the organization’s needs, despite the increased investments.

The above findings are in line with global trends, where more than 50% of respondents reported a lack of confidence in cybersecurity despite increased spends.

An overwhelming majority of the respondents claimed that their biggest concern regarding cybersecurity was their employees’ carelessness and lack of knowledge while accessing online functions. This has led to many companies investing sigificant amounts in employee training programs for cybersecurity.

However, the main issue still remains on the absorption, retention and application of such knowledge by employees in real time, with every little action they undertake online.

The need of the hour is an innovative approach to training employees on cybersecurity.

In order to ensure that your employees religiously practice cybersecurity measures, an approach that blends quality content with cognitive learning and creativity will be most effective.

For more than a year now, iRealities has been silently working in the area of blending cyber security content with innovative learning experiences to create bespoke cybersecurity / infosecurity training programs for some of the largest companies in India.


(Image) : Use of animated 3D characters were used by iRealities for explaining complex cybersecurity topics for one of their clients

The expertise of iRealities comes from over two decades of creating engaging, entertaining and innovative content for some of the top clients across industries such as Banking & Finance, FMCG, Large Conglomerates, Telecom, Pharma, Heavy industries, etc.

iRealities firmly believes in the motto that “Learning should be fun, cognitive and an immersive experience for employees”, and only then will companies reap maximum ROI on their training investments.

(Image): Interactive game was used by iRealities for explaining certain everyday aspects cybersecurity hygiene points for one of their clients

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